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Welcome to I-A-P  -  Products developed by archers for archers!!

How often is it that you buy an archery product - something small, something technical, clothes or even a new bow....but you are left with a feeling that it is just not perfect, just not 100% right - just not being designed with the archer in mind but that it is a compromise between profitability and high volume sales on the one side and precision, quality or practicality on the other side.

I have been an archer myself for many years and know this feeling just too well. How often did I buy something in the belief it would be the solution for a problem or satisfy a special need, just to find out that there were still shortfalls....and as a consequence investing (or wasting) more money to find something better!
Shooting all disciplines - Outdoor, Indoor and Field Archery - I know from my own experience that archery is a very versatile sport. You need to react quickly to weather conditions, you have to rely on your material, you need to trust your equipment and so much more....

In my search for products that I can rely on and trust I found a few hidden gems....products produced by archers - for archers. The 'Three at Once' Fletching Jig for example. I have often heard archers saying that there is no jig that allows very thin arrows as the X10 or Triple to be fletched exactly. This jig does it!

Each of the products that can be found on this site now and in the future are the results of identification with archery, search for archery-specific solutions and innovative technical and functional details. All products on this website are and will be of the highest quality and are made in a way that gives you confidence in their ability to perform and help you enjoy your shooting.

Before any product finds its way onto this site it is rigorously tested by archers in different countries, by archers shooting various styles from Longbow to Compound, tested day after day under shooting conditions. The feedback of those archers was taken into account where possible until the final product evolved. We test rigorously before a product is sold through this site - not the other way round!

And we are interested in your feedback. If there is anything you would like to see, like to improve or would solve differently - please let me know and I will forward your comments and suggestions to the people behind these special products.

Thank you for visiting this website - and all the best for a successfull and enjoyable season.